Santosh Naik

The name of a young lyricist is frequently heard in the names of Kannada songwriters. This is Santhosh Naik, who wrote the song for the film ‘Yuva’ in the music direction of Gurukiran while he was writing and completing his degree examination. Santosh Naik, who is just 21 years old, has started his journey in the world of songwriting.

Santosh, who started his career with ‘O Thavare Kendavare …’ in the music direction of Yuva, is now taking chances. Already, he has written more than 75 songs including several films and is shining as a promising songwriter for the future. Recently, Santhosh was one of the Permanent Writers for the songs of the film directed by Gurukiran. Here’s what Santosh Naik said in an interview with Sriram Bhatt of ‘One India Kannada’, Read More …

1. How did you develop interest in writing?

I was performing Yakshagana in my childhood. Yakshagana has a tradition of discovering something new in an old-fashioned way. That is converting “Haleganada” to “Hosagannada”. It was then that I became curious about Kannada literature and anime genres. From then I developed my writing hobby.

2. Is it difficult to create literature for movies? Or easy? How, explain.

Writing cinema is difficult and also it is easy. We can write a poem or a poem based on our liking. But cinema is the idea of ​​a visionary. Sometimes the songs tune will be ready first. Literature must be written properly to its meter. It’s not that easy.

3. What is the role of a song in a movie’s success?

Of course, film songs are of great importance. Examples of successful performances of a song are often seen. We are still listening to songs of the last 40-50 years. The song is more apt than the cinema.

4. How do you feel when people are whispering songs which you have created?

When I Listen to our songs in people’s mouths, on the radio and on the TV …. Oh! Our song reached people and makes us feel a sense of happiness.

5. How many songs have you composed so far? What's your favourite song?

Till now I have written more than 200 songs. People like this song “Bithogbeda nanna”. So I like it too. My personal favorite song is “karagele sansara tharavalla”.