santosh naik

A young lyricist, songwriter, a new name that has made a buzz in the Kannada film industry.

santosh Naik



I wrote the song for the film ‘Yuva’ in the music direction of Gurukiran while I was writing and completing my degree examination. I was just 21 years old, when I  started my journey in the world of song writing. I started my career with ‘O Thavare Kendavare …’ in the music direction of Yuva, is now taking chances. Already, I have written more than 220 songs including several films and is shining as a promising songwriter for the future

My movies

yuuva , jeeva , chouka , Hebbuli, I love you, Rambo 2 , prem kahani, prarambha , govindaya namaha, villain, Shankar IPS,minchagi neenu baralu, thrayambaka, Mumbai, dasharatha, Nagarahavu, second hand lover, dasavala, radhan ganda, allide nammane illi bande summane,cool Ganesh, khaidi , kaalachakra , Muttu kumara, radha searching ramana missing , etc

My Hit songs
  1. Hit songs – bittogbeda nanna ( Rambo 
  2. Mathanadi mayavade (I love you)
  3. Enne beku anna and sundari sundari ( Hebbuli)
  4. Bari neene neene and hode nee hode (prarambha)
  5. Giliya mariyondu goodu bittide ( prem kahani)
  6. O thavare kendavare (yuuva)
  7. Thakita thakita ( ayushman bhava)
  8. Gelathi nanninda doorade eke( villain)
  9. Jiddige jiddajiddi nagini ( Nagarahavu)
Worked with

I’m working with gurukiran , ilayaraja , v Harikrishna, Arjun janya , Anoop Seelan , manikanth kadri , v Shreedhar , Giridhar divan , Kiran thothambyle, Vani Harikrishna, mano moorthy, almost all Kannada music director

Our Story

I was born at Gherusoppa, Honnavar taluk. I just completed my Master’s Degree from Mangalore University. From an early age I was interested in literature. Although I had no literary background, at a young age I had a ‘touch’ of Yakshagana art.

I was practising yaskshagana in childhood. There is a norm in yaskshagana where halegannada is translated to hosagannada and at that time there wer old and new words formed which completely accumulated in my word repository. Then I became curious about Kannada literature and other genres.

I started writing in high school and while I was in college I was awarded the ‘Best Youth Poet’ award at the state level competition conducted by the Department of Literature in Dharwad. And then the interest in pre-existing literature began to set in.


Search for Answers

Which was your first song and who is your god father?

After completing my graduation, I came to Bangalore and was given the opportunity by ‘Gurukiran sir’. Under his guidance, my film ‘Journey’ goes on. My godfather is Gurukiran sir, who allows me in all his music directed films. The first song I ever wrote was ‘O Thavare Kendavare …’ in his music direction ‘Yuva’.

How many songs have you written so far? Giving a list of your favorite 'Top Ten' songs?

After the song ‘O Thavare Kendavare …’ from the film ‘Yuva’, I have written lyrics for films like ‘Prem Kahani’, ‘Jeeva’, ‘Aaliyum Nammane Bendu Sumane’, ‘Shankar IPS’, ‘Villain’ and ‘Govindaya Namaha’. .

Santosh naik


Top 10 songs:

1- o thavare kendavere(yuva)
2- bittogbeda nanna (Rambo 2)
3- mathanadi mayavade (I love you)
4- enne beku anna ( Hebbuli)
5- sundari sundari ( Hebbuli)
6- bari neene neene ( prarambha)
7- gelathi nanninda doorade( villain)
8- giliya mariyondu goodu bittide ( prem kahani)
9- hode nee hode ( prarambha)
10- tharegela samsara ( kalachakra)
11- thakita thakita ( ayushman bhava)
12 – nanna mana palayana ( Mumbai)

The pictures I have in my hand now are:

Telugu film ‘Arundhati’ director Dignant-Rama duo’s upcoming film, ‘Saari-2’, ‘Krishna Son of CM’, ‘Radhikan Ganda’, ‘Chamak’ and many more are in the works. While some of my songs are already songs, some are still in the singing phase.

My future dream:

Having already crossed paths with lyrics, I have a dream of directing a film. My dream has already been fulfilled and will soon come true. What’s more, the dream of directing affordable films and giving the best song writing to Kannada film makers. I have decided that my focus is on achieving that goal, only to realize the dream..

Santosh naik

Santosh naik

Music clips

Maatanadi Mayavade

A 2nd Hand Lover

Yennenu soda



Minchaagi Nee Baralu

Kelo Haage

Oh moda nee odi

Experience Movies

Santosh Naik 

I wrote the song for the film ‘Yuva’ in the music direction of Gurukiran while I was writing and completing my degree examination. I was just 21 years old, when I  started my journey in the world of song writing.